United Nations International Tribunal of Paranormal Justice 

Founded in 1936 

Inscribed on the base of the statue of Atlas in the Tribunal's Courtyard entrance

"Upon all men rests the weight of Law, upon few men the courage to act when Justice fails." Praetor, 1935

       Early History-The League of Nations founded the first Special Tribunal of Paranormal Justice in 1920 in response to experiences and paranormal war crimes in WW I that for the first time showcased the power and toll paranormals could take in war.  This led to the first international treaty that directly banned their build up and use by the military in warfare. Ratified by the Allies and the other League members (the International Paranormal Registration Treaty of 1920), the IPRT was one of the few treaties ratified by an isolationist Congress in America. This was the first actual international effort to identify and track Paranormals, and led to the establishment of the Central Registry Ministry to track Treaty compliance by member states.

      The STPJ is the basis of the current International Tribunal of Paranormal Justice, created in 1936 by the work of Capt. Allister Bond (Royal Canadian Army) and Reuben Rothman (Attorney, and son of the Auditor General of the Unusual & the Bizarre <UK>), as the burgeoning numbers of Paranormal & Costumed criminals presented LoN member states court systems with challenges that they were unprepared for on such a scale, much less those of the  costumed and powered vigilantes that battled them. This gave birth to the fields of Paranormal Law & Corrections, and a new court system designed specifically for "special events" cases like these.   (The introduction of the Paranormal Judiciary)

      Post UN Era-Since those early days, the Tribunal's charter expanded from monitoring compliance on IPRT census & registration, advising on  paranormal law, paranormal judiciary & paranormal corrections to include areas such as extra terrestrial and extra dimensional diplomacy, special education & power control training, and overseeing paranormal medicine, health and nutrition programs.   

       The Tribunal is also responsible for paranormal law enforcement training & operations under the League of Nations at formation, and  under United Nations stewardship from 1946.  

     The Tribunal, and the Paranormals they are responsible for, enjoy a unique quasi-national status (including a permanent seat in the UN General Assembly, a seat on the UN Security Council, and a designated UN Undersecretary of Paranormal Justice), as all paranormals are assumed to be an internationally regulated resource & wards of the UN by member states.   

The UN Tribunal's senior jurisdictions are the Tribunal Regional Councils. Originally three, consisting of North America (part of the Arctic, North, South and Central  America), Europe (Europe, the Near and Middle East, Africa part of the Arctic and Antartica), and Asia Pacific (Asia, Oceania, Micronesia, Polynesia, Melenesia, Australia and New Zealand), the late 80's saw creation of three others; Africa (Africa, Madagascar and the Middle East) and South America (Central and South America) now have their own Council, as do the Off Planet Colonies (Luna, Assembly settlements, Federated Republics of Mars, orbital habitats and more).    UN Tribunes, experienced retired or semi-retired heroes/heroines in good standing, act as senior justices and district judges after appropriate training.      

      Tribunal Paranormal Response Units (PRU) are the Tribunals  Law Enforcement arm, and are attached to (at a minimum) major police departments in each member country. PRU Officers are drawn from regular civil police, special forces and regional military with a wide variety of skills, equipment & training that make them one of the most capable and flexible forces in the world, dealing with everything from 'powers out of control' calls to stopping paranormal criminals on their own. The 001st PRU, the UN PRU Homeguard & World Headquarters, is based at the UN International Tribunal of Paranormal Justice Complex (down UN Plaza from the Secretariat). 



So you want to be a Superhero(ine)?

 While not for everyone, a career in Paranormal Law Enforcement is begun by applying at a selected Registration office (A Hero grade license requires certification and proof of insurance coverage)

Selected Paranormal Registration & Licensing Links

Bureau Of American Super Heroes (BASH) (AKA Bureau of American Paranormals(BAP))

Office of the Unusual and the Bizarre (OUB/UK)

Imperial Paranormal Registry Office (IPRO/Nihon)

Royal Office of Paranormal Operatives (ROPO/Canada)

Royal Australian Hero Registry (RAHR/Australia)

New Zealand Paranormal Trust & Registration Ministry   (NZPNTRM/New Zealand

Ivory Coast Paranormal Directorate General (PDGCI/Ivory Coast)

Pan European Directorate of Paranormal Registration (EU) (AKA Central Registry Ministry (LoN)) (PEDPR/EU) 

General Paranormal Registry Office (GPRO/Mexico)

Arab League Central Registry & Paranormal Training Ministry           (AL CRPTM)

ASEAN Bureau of Paranormal Control Training & Registration (ASEAN_BPCTR)


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