HSMP Inking Contest

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Contest Rules: 1. It must be your OWN ink work.  2. You MUST fill out a Submissions Agreement (click on form to the right ) and sign it in order for us to be able to publish it and give proper credit.  3. You may NOT post the pages, inked or as original, on any web pages or in any other media without consent in writing of Kokoro Grafix  &  Lime Media Hawaii. 4. There is NO entry fee, and all contest entries become property of Lime Media Hawaii. Prizes include, CODE 3 PRU 050 Honolulu Patches, the Office Grab Bag (cool stuff we found growing wild in the office) and a Grand Prize of $25.00!

 A little background on the panels below (ALL Panels & info (C) 1985, 1992, 2005, 2009 Kokoro Grafix/Lime Media Hawaii)


            The Justice Alliance was founded by Superheroes from a dozen countries that followed the international web of a madman called Dr. Demon to New York City in 1936. Dr. Demon turned out to be the genuine article, leading to the new teams first major battle; and in the aftermath, the new Justice Alliance pledged to begin cooperating to combat crime, share information & resources.  

              After struggling for six years, and barely accepted as an actual law enforcement agency despite Presidential backing, the Justice Alliance NY still faces an uphill fight against distrust, limited resources and the superstitious.

             The JANY scene below takes place in early 1942, during World War II, where the Alliance Angels (Athena, Tarot, Borealis and Lila, a sub team of young paranormals) are on light patrol with the British hero/ex-OUB operative Gigantor, on loan from the Justice Alliance UK (aka Sir Walter Michaels-Whitby. Gigantor's abilities include super strength &  growth to astounding heights), and US Army Colonel Reuben Rothman (Late of the UK's Office of the Unusual & the Bizarre (OUB) which deals in the paranormal and sorcery) now Adjutant of the experimental 1st Marine Paranormal Response Unit, attached to the Justice Alliance NYC, and a childhood friend of Sir Walter's).

Panels are in order if slightly off set, 1, 2, 3 & 4. The panels are already scripted and Bonus points are awarded for neat effect and dialog lettering! Finished size American standard comic 6 5/8ths by 10 1/4 inches, live are standard American 6" x 9".   Good Luck!!

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