Justice Alliance

Justice Alliance (ALL Panels & info (C) 1985, 1992, 2005, 2009 Kokoro Grafix/Lime Media Hawaii)


            The Justice Alliance was founded by Superheroes from the USA, Canada, Great Brittan, Ireland, Scotland, China, Japan, Australia, Persia, Arabia, Ivory Coast, South Africa, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Russia, Germany, Mexico and India that followed the international web of a madman called Dr. Demon to New York City in 1936. Dr. Demon turned out to be the genuine article, leading to the unlikely teams first major battle. The aftermath forged the new Justice Alliance from the Combined Defenders, the Vanguards of Justice and other farflung groups;  paranormal vigilantes for the first time cooperating on an international scale to combat crime, share information & resources.  

              After struggling for six years, and barely accepted as an actual law enforcement agency despite Presidential backing, the Justice Alliance NY, based out of Dr.Demon's old Central Park brownstone, still faces an uphill fight against distrust, limited resources and the superstitious. While other branches are having the same basic problems,  the Alliance teams in Axis territory are now militarized, in violation of the International Paranormal Registration Treaty of 1919. As a result, the Allied military now "assists" the training of the JANY, but for primarily Homefront defense, an allowed limited use under the IPRT. The "assistance" also includes training of young paranormals and an experimental anti paranormal Marine brigade. The specter of unfettered paranormal warfare is too close for comfort.

             The JANY scene below takes place in early 1942, during World War II, where the Alliance Angels (Athena, Tarot, Borealis and Lila, a sub team of young paranormals) are on light patrol with the British hero Gigantor (on loan from the Justice Alliance UK). Gigantor's powers include super strength & able to grow to astounding heights. 

          Also present is US Army Colonel Reuben Rothman, late of the UK's Office of the Unusual & the Bizarre, now Adjutant of the experimental 1st Marine Paranormal Response Unit, attached to the Justice Alliance NY. He is a childhood friend of Gigantor, aka Sir Walter Michaels-Whitby.

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Stay Tuned for the New Adventures of Yesteryears Greatest Heroes!