The Hawaii Star Manga Project is starting out as a 28 page Online Edition similar to current comics or magazines, available from various download sites or print-on-demand vendors.   

       As test-marketed, HSMP's original low cost newsprint format concept appealed directly to value seeking readers11-70+ across a broad swath of ethnicities and economic backgrounds.(HSMP's a very inexpensive, consumer friendly product aimed squarely at the 13-35 year old core Anime, Manga, Comic Book audience, with a secondary audience of 35-60+yr old lapsed or nostalgia comic readers.)  

          We'd test marketed & refined the HSMP product concept at Kawaii Konfor 2 years during our initial recruitment phase.  Average age of Kawaii Kon test market respondents was 19-24, and  the the response was strongly andoverwhelmingly positive. There was considerable anticipation for HSMP and its low cost, utilitarian approach to comics. Due to start up constraints, we've launched the Online Edition first.

        HSMP Page Sponsorship offers many advantages for any business. We can provide unique and different advertising options tailored to fit budgets large & modest, especially in this very difficult economy. Each page in HSMP is broken up into three zones; column ads, display ads and banners. See our Ad Demo pages on out main Ad Sales & Marketing page to see how it all fits together.(The Demo is based on our original Newspaper format; HSMP's Online Edition is now in Standard American Comic Format) Some space in an issue is reserved for Lime Media Hawaii's use. Our Online Edition is regular comic sized and uses display ads only. Some Online Edition  Segments allow for Banner Ads, call or email for availability.

        *Display Ads: Our display ads are priced to help get your word out to thousands of primary & secondary HSMP readers without breaking your budget.Full Page sponsorships qualify for additional discounts on column ads or banners on the same page, if available.  See below for display rates for the Online Edition.

      *Banner Ads: A low cost sponsorship option, perfect for  clubs, groups, smaller firms and non-profits looking for a reasonable compromise in value and flexibility. 

      *Web Advertising: We'll be adding HSMP exclusive website ads soon, and our preliminary  online only ad rates are listed below. Please contact us for an Online Edition ad quote anytime! HSMP's print edition's Column & Display ad's get a free link on the webcomic home page.


     Terms: Ads are due the 5th of the month preceding the issue (Oct 5th for November issue, for example), or the 5th of the month following the issue OAC. HSMP is out the 18th of each month. Prepayment is required for all ads, invoiced monthly for long term contracts. Payment ofcontract in full will result in an additional discount (if 6 months or longer). Ad Creation (if required) $250 and up based on availability.

     Please take time to review our HSMP Ad Demo Sample pages (links on Ad Sales & Marketing, 75% scale mock up pages) and our Sponsorship Rate Card below. Please contact our Advertising VP Wendell Hong for a quote or questions. Ads may be submitted by email, on disc or flash drive. LMH supports both IBM & Mac platforms (jpeg, png, pdf, tif or photoshop pdf)

  HSMP offers discounts for multiple ads and non profit businesses! See ourPage Sponsorship rates below for more information.


Hawaii Star Manga Project Online Edition Ad Rate Card v1.1 1/11/10

Listed Ad Rates per Issue including both the Downloadable and Print on Demandversions (Frequency and Multiple Ad discounts apply, b& w interior ads only on  Pod units) Celtel & Kindle versions pending.

Back Cover  $350 Full Page, Color

Inside Back/Front Cover Color $250 Full Page, $165 Half, $90 Quarter

Internal Display $150 Full Page, $95 Half, $70 Quarter

Banner ads available on some features $45 each page