River of Stars

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 Left, Solar Guard Marine General Warren Weston, and the SGHS Magellan. Right, Reuben Rothman & Marine Captain Warren Weston at First Contact with the K'Tarran Star Empire, New York City NY, October 11th 1944. Artwork (c) 2008 Kokoro Grafix, All Rights Reserved.

Marine General Warren Weston of the Solar Alliance's Solar Guard has his hands full with the final all out meatgrinder as the Unified Fleet finally closes in on the Morchene homeworld. The Enemy however, has a new Weapon, poised to give the Morchene War a NASTY last minute victory. With it they can finish the SGHS Magellan, Terra, the Assembly and their allies, once & for all.  

Color Study, Surgeon in Battle Carren Nikkomar, Imperial K'Tarran Navy, Attached SGHS Magellan, SA Solar Guard 

Hard hitting Sci-Fi action and a cast of very different aliens blend together in our premiere Illustrated Science Fiction feature!

Solar Alliance's Solar Guard  Exploration Forward Command Ship, the SGHS Magellan Heavy Scout (Magus equipped)

"Second Star from the right, and keep on til morning, helm. "

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