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        Lt Adrian Bradbury 050 Metro PRU & Mariko Ikeda (Capt. Murakami's VERY Paranormal "niece" from Japan)

         Midway between the Asia/Pacific Tribunal and the North American Tribunal jurisdictions, United Nations International Tribunal of Paranormal Justice Paranormal Response Unit 050 was chartered in 1947, and headquartered in Honolulu Hawaii. It is responsible for over 35000 sq miles of land & sea. The 050 Paranormal Response Unit is staffed primarily by PRU officers from the United States, Japan, Phillipines, Samoa, Tonga, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia and other Pacific Rim nations, backed by Pacific Rim & homegrown paranormal heroes & heroines

(The paranormals are supplemented by UN Tribunes, semi-retired experienced heroes, now UN District Tribune judges based in Honolulu and regional offices in the Asia/Pacific Tribunal Jurisdiction).  


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Part of the Code 3 Cast: BACK ROW: Adrian, 050 Metro PRU Capt Murakami, FRONT ROW: Mariko, Ariana (Spectrum)

     Code 3 Demo#0 Cover

       The 050 PRU Honolulu is supposed to be an easy, restful, tropical posting with minimal action for retiring officers that need a slower pace or injured officers that need time to recuperate with "light duty". By the mid-1970's however,  the 050 PRU Metro Honolulu was anything but; it's officers were dealing with Pacific Rim paranormal gangs, Powers Out Of Control calls from paranormal tourists, deep sea paranormal monsters, alien & extra-dimensional tourists, vacationing superheroes and villains, strange biological constructs & possessed food, evil corporations, well intentioned parents and even movie studios....

        Which is how our Troubles begin...


UN PRU 050 Metro PRU Lt. Bradbury & heroine Spectrum

         2Lt. Adrian Bradbury is assigned to the 050 Metro HNL as an Air Cavalry officer(airbike) & Senior Tactical Coordinator. Spectrum (aka comic artist Ariana Maybridge) is Bradbury's long suffering girlfriend, currently in town for a Science Fiction convention, and a long overdue date...