Pop-Iki Submissions Guidelines


- Please type and double space submissions for ease of editing.

- Keep it honest and professional; no provocative material, flames, obscenities, or other improper content.

- Revisions may be requested by editorial staff of the author.

- We reserve the right to edit all submissions and articles prior to publication.

- Cite all references at the end of each individual submission.

- All graphics accompanying submission must be 300 dpi JPEGs.

- Please indicate if your article has been previously published; provide title and date of publication, publisher, and copyright. Send to:

Lime Media Hawaii

3045 Ala Napuaa Place #1705

Honolulu, HI 96818



       On the format of electronic written submissions, we are only able to accept (for sure) Wordpad, older Microsoft Word formats, formats from other programs compatible with the older versions of Microsoft Word, Appleworks, etc. We're PC and Mac compatible, so platform isn't an issue at this time.


- Maximum length, 100 - 125 words

- No spoilers

- Our rating scale is 0 - 5 ('5' being the best, '0' being absolutely pukeworthy). No 'half stars' please.

- When reviewing a manga, DVD, game, or CD, please submit a JPEG of the front cover to accompany the review. The JPEG should be 300 dpi at 100% (size of product).

- Always include the title of the product, date of release, name of author/artist, production company, page count or run-time.

We are accepting reviews of anything relating to anime, manga, sentai/tokusatsu, comic books, novels, related non-fiction, movies, TV series, web sites, music, games, food, seiyuu/voice actors, collectibles, and related pop culture. If it's fun, we're interested!


- 400 - 1200 words recommended.

- Please include any key images integral to the article, including charts, tables, and graphs if applicable.

We are looking for feature articles, interviews, insightful commentary, industry news, convention news and coverage, how-to articles (example: model building/painting, cosplay, etc.).

Mahalo nui loa (and get those brain cells firing!),


PS: As submissions come in, we will post a list of reviewed items and topics here on NING, and again at the HSMP Facebook page.