Long Long Ago, we were called Limelight Publishing, founded in 1994 by William Hols; LP released Tezuka Award winning Animeco: The Anime Connection magazine(HI), Silent Winter (a cross over with Sam Campos' Pineappleman #4, HI), Zaibatsu Tears by Richard Bartrop (Canada), Guardian Knights By T. L. & D. A. Graf (CA), Legion Anthology (later Legion Manga Anthology) by Legion Chronicles(HI), and Wild Side by United Publications (United Kingdom). 

      William "Doc" Grant Jr (Royal Hawaiian QRP Press publisher, Dragonriders' Comic's and Games owner, Legionnaire Hobbies & Games night manager) joined the firm in 1997 as Sales Manger, and began managing the comics line in 1998.


Hawaii Star Manga Project Demo #0

           The company (both the Hawaii unit and former LP the now known as Limelight Media and based in Las Vegas NV) struggled against MANY difficulties, from the UPS Strike, consolidation of various distributors as the market began a protracted comic market slump in late 90's to early 2000's, and massive capital & investment losses that cost the company dearly in the the post Dot-com, Enron & MCI economic brouhaha, a precursor of todays malaise. Talk about interesting times. While Limelight Publishing finally ceased producing comics and Animeco in 2002, Doc & Anime DJ *MAX* kept producing the popular Anime in the Limelight radio show until 2005.(AitL reruns are still heard on Toon Returning to comics was ALWAYS part of our long term plans.

       Limelight Media (Hawaii) split off from the main company in 2004 and changed it's name to Lime Media Hawaii in 2005. We've been planning for The Hawaii Star Manga Project since 2006, and are creating a new advertiser & consumer friendly magazine designed to compete effectively in todays challenging economy.

      The Hawaii Star Manga Project is starting out as a 28 page Online Edition similar to current comics or magazines, available from various download sites or print-on-demand vendors.We have  HIGH FANTASY & NOIR HORROR features, and backed up by everything from anti-paranormal cops to and deep space deathmatches to POP Iki our new Pop culture magazine!   

       Originally, HSMP was envisioned as a very different sort of product. A "new" take on an old concept; a newspaper supplement very similar to "The Spirit section", or "2000 AD" which has run for 3+ decades in the UK, one of it's most popular comics. HSMP as a syndicatednewspaper based comic book would provide  page sponsors or advertisers with the most cost effective solutions for their marketing needs, and a distribution net far different from conventional comic's. It's intended to be included in local papers to help attract new readers that todays newspapers sorely need to remain viable.

       As test-marketed, HSMP's syndicated concept appealed directly to value seeking readers 11-70+ across a broad swath of ethnicities and economic backgrounds. (HSMP's a very inexpensive, consumer friendly product aimed squarely at the 13-35 year old core Anime, Manga, Comic Book audience, with a secondary audience of 35-60+yr old lapsed or nostalgia comic readers.)  In our first nine months online HSMP had 100,00 online readers.

          We'd test marketed & refined the HSMP product concept at Kawaii Kon for 2 years during our initial recruitment phase.  Average age of Kawaii Kon test market respondents was 19-24, and  the the response was strongly and overwhelmingly positive. There was considerable anticipation for HSMP and its low cost, utilitarian approach to comics.

Hawaii Star Manga Project Online Edition Ad Rate Card v1.4 12/11/10

Listed Ad Rates per Issue including both the Downloadable and Print on Demand versions (Frequency and Multiple Ad discounts apply, ads are color. Contact us for quotes on the Syndicated Edition.

Back Cover  $350 Full Page, Color

Inside Back/Front Cover Color $250 Full Page, $145 Half, $80 Quarter

Internal Display $195 Full Page, $125 Half, $70 Quarter

Banner ads available on some features $45 each page on space available basis.

HSMP Syndicated Advertising Demo #0 front and back cover example

Used to showcase our Syndicated and Online Editions Page Sponsorship options, Demo #0 also includes some cool stuff! First drafts of some of our most popular series! Please read & enjoy with our compliments!

[Warning, 75 DPI Large Files!]

Sample Front / Back Cover @75%