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As if to taunt me for my last post, this happened!


By now, you all have heard of Disney’s acquisition of Marvel: now my first thought was- Great, we'll be watching Toy Story 3, it'll end on a cliffhanger, and we will have to watch Lilo and Stitch 2, as well as three episodes of Hanna Montana to get to the conclusion. Who we will find is actually the daughter of Hercules via a Trans dimensional portal...oh, and we’ll find out that Logan is actually experiment 628, created in part by Dr. Hamsterville and one of Gantu’s left over prototype


Two agents of Fun, D.P. Canfield, and Manju, both denizens of the blog at NING both submitted their views-

D.P. Canfield:

Talk about strange straaaaange bedfellows.

It's sad that Disney has acquired such a 'boo-hiss' reputation over these years and find it even sadder that they have acquired Marvel Entertainment. No matter what Stan Lee says I don't find anything to yell "Excelsior!" about.

[In all fairness I haven't been particularly copacetic with the weird mucking about they've been doing with the Marvel titles and characters for the past decade or so anyway so who knows? Most of these young guys they don't have a sense of history or respect for the core material half the time. Everything seemed to go from slightly soapy angsty testosterone tales to almost pure sweaty palmed fanboy "UFC with powers and titties" fantasy fulfillment. Ugh. DO NOT get me started.]

It was already a dark day on my calendar when Disney scooped the Miyazaki films (always liked that story apocryphal or not that Miyazaki sent the Disney Powers That Be a samurai sword with the note "NO CUTS" after the acquisition). But at least there was something good of it in that there was finally enough promotional muscle behind Studio Ghibli works and a mighty distribution arm to boot that gave us all a chance to see a Miyazaki film without having to wait a few years (or a few days depending on the bootleggers). Spirited Away was an exceptional Disney release for instance.

[Tho Howl's Moving Castle was kinda uneven at best. And from what I've heard of Earthsea, maybe that one is better left undistributed.]

Anyway back to the subject at hand. Right now I'm not even cautiously optimistic. I'm definitely in 'prove you aren't gonna screw this whole thing up' mode on this whole thing.

So Disney? Marvel?

Please please please don't screw up.


“I can't help but reply to this one because I also find myself having the same feelings as most here regarding that issue...I really like both companies but...a merger of this kind only brings to mind odd thoughts like - Wolverine, Spiderman, and Iron Man singing and playing guitars drums and jumping around with BIG brown wigs on their heads belting out 'Marvel Brothers' instead of Jonas brothers... Or vice versa with Mickey Mouse with Wolverine's claws and a humongous grimace with his huge white teeth, or Goofy as Venom with his tongue hanging out all wild and stuff or Minnie Mouse with huuuge musckles pulsating out of her once round ears as Minnie She-Hulk...you know...odd stuff like that...

hee hee! ;j “

that sums it up- a mixture of funny mash ups, and fear of Disney screwing things up…

 Thanks to D.P. Canfield for the initial input!

 See the original at http://hawaiistarmangaproject.ning.com/forum/topics/disney-acquires-marvel




Fanboy mode off...


Ok. I am over the shock now.


Yeah, it triggered a grand mal Fanboy fit. To be fair, the movie had neat effects, and like I’ve said, Hollywood has to appeal to a wide spectrum of moviegoers, So sticking to the original story would’ve lost most.  And it was an interesting origin for the story- I was wondering when Cobra Commander was going to show up, and that was quite a twist in itself.


 In Japan, the live action Cutey Honey movie was made, and it stuck to the story, as well as the apperance of the chracters.  That may have more to do with Japanese culture than anything else, still if they can do it, why can’t we? 





A movie mangled!


I just Saw the GI Joe movie: I tried to be open minded about it, but I couldn’t. So help me Mitch Miller, I couldn’t!!

Too many things wrong: 1 example-in the comic, when the Joes were in normal uniforms, they would be clean shaven, and in regs.

 I know that it couldn't be exactly like the series/comics but sheesh!  For once, i just couldn't get past what I "knew"





Okay, okay, I am back


Okay…after a long absence (due in part to my employer, and in part their interestingly picky software …and a vacation…) I am back!


So, I know in the interim, that much has happened in the movies-the uproar with Trek happened like I figure it would, and Transformers, RoTF….OT here,   when did we start doing that? I mean contracting movie names? Did it start with Mission Impossible? 


Transformers RoTF was okay: now I do agree with some of the critics that it lacked in writing: but I took it for what it was to me: a live action episode of the series-viewed that way, it was pretty good. 


Proof that you are a TF fan: you knew the moment you saw a green dump truck in that quarry that Devastator was going to show up!


On My vacation, I went to Vegas: Vegas can be described many ways, I’ve always like the variations of “Disney with (add your vice here)” Like many of us, I stayed in the Main Street Hotel and Casino: nice enough place, and it allowed me to get my fix of local style foods.  The theme on Freemont St. Was “The Summer of 69” and a eye dazzling video montage accompanying the song “American Pie”


Now in all of this themed madness, one of my old ideas came to my mind. Why not an Anime themed Casino? Think about it: It could have Anime themed Slots, rooms and food.  The Waiters and Waitresses could be dressed as various characters from Anime….the possibilities are endless!





 After much ado, and 1 day late, here it is...



Where have the Arcades gone?

How many of us have good memories of hanging out with friends at an arcade?  Remember how every video game advance was incredible? I went from the green CRT screens of Space invaders, to the vector graphics of Battle Zone, to the Laser Disc wonder that was Dragon’s lair. And the arcades we had: the Fun factories around the island, To the Game worlds in Waikiki, and my favorite, Kaimuki cue!  Pinball went from being kind of boring; to a multimedia extravaganza…and it was all fun.   For a few hours, we could forget your geekiness, and be a hero in another universe- (Perhaps that’s why TRON appealed to so many of us).

What caused them to go away ? Wouldn’t it be great to find a place that had the same feeling as one of those old arcades?

 What do you think? Email me at  



And lets talk about it!



         2009.  Can you belive it, 2009! Where's my laser rifle and rocketpack?!?  Anyway...I had big plans to get my next article out in Jan, but my day/night job has me in a place where the Internet is a little pricey!. But I seem to have found a loophole, so here I am.

   So, within the month, I will begin my installment of "Getting Your Geek On" a travelogue of sorts for folks that still have a great time going to an arcade (when you can find one, come to think of it, what ever happened to arcades?)seeing the latest Sci Fi/animated flick, or DVD collection of your favorite toon, or going to a theme restraunt or park.  Until then..(I hope sooner than later) 


F.I.D.O.   !!


 Okay..I was gone for a while: my day/night job had me really busy: We are getting ready for an extended business trip in mesopotamia. (not kidding) Add to that the holidays were upon me. Yeah..

  How come no one ever warns you that the holidays are full of all kinds of pitfalls? If you are single, and don't have a significant other it can be a drag. But if you are married, Family comes over, and then it gets really dicey!


Anyway, glad it's done, and I hope everyone has Happy Holidays!

Till Next time, from Mesopotamia.....




 Did I say before that I am glad I can edit this as I go along? As I was shopping tonight, it hit me like a planet bomb.

THE TRANSFORMERS MOVIE MESSED WITH THE CONTINUITY A BIT! Ok, ok calm down out there, I know I missed this bit. But still, It wasn't bad. Unless you're a purist...or your average Gen 1 fan....must ...not ....freak ..out! Bumblebee is supposed to be a...V.W. ...and Megatron is a ....GUN!!! WITH A BIG HONKIN' FUSION CANNON!!!!



The FIRST idea/Article is UPON US!


Oh, okay, perhaps it's more of a question, and I thought of it while watching the new "Trek" trailer: How willing are you to accept a reboot /retelling  (okay... REMAKE) of your favorite story?


I know as SF/Anime/fantasy fans we can be pretty touchy about continuity. Add to that we often have to deal with an industry that has to change a story so it sells, is acceptable, is feasible (ie: limited budgets, technology, or the length of the movie) or (Gasp) artistic license.


Now  Transformers (2007) wasn't too bad,and neither was  The Masters of the Universe (1987) However, Starship Troopers (1997) wasn't even close! All three movies that were changed by what "sells" or what was acceptable, or the ever dangerous "artistic license" - and unless you ignore and/or accept the changes (I  believe many of us do that to enjoy what we can), you could have a really bad time! Transformers had an established continuity, More so than MOTU. But both stuck fairly close to the story. Starship Troopers did what I call sticking to the story by Name-It was Called ST, and used  names, but made little effort to stick to the original otherwise.


There are already rumblings of discontent about Star Trek, and the upcoming G.I. Joe movie. Both have a dedicated fan-base, and an established continuity that the fans are rabid about.  But for the non-fans, the enjoyment of these  movies won't be complicated by the back-story.  What do I think about these reboots? Well.....

1. Star Trek - isn't easier to build a Starship....IN SPACE? Oh, I get it-it was done to inspire James Kirk. But couldn't he have seen this via a transmitted image from the space-dock?

2. G.I. Joe - Why does everyone have to be dressed in the "Batman" look ? When did leather become a substitute for a decent hard wearing set of fatigues?

 And those are TWO SIMPLE THINGS. Trek continuity is firm about the ships being built in space-dock, and Part of G.I. Joe was that each person had a unique uniform that indicated their function and character. Besides, how is Snake Eyes gonna be cool if  EVERYONE wears black?


To be fair, it's understood that you can't please everybody, and the studios have to make things that have an appeal outside their fan-base in order to make a profit.  But it can still be annoying, to the point of turning off a "True Fan"!






Another update-as you can see, this is very much a work in progress. I am constantly working on my format for this web page.  It's a lot harder than I thought it would be, deciding what I am NOT going to do on this page.


 I definitely do not want to talk politics here, unless I have to. If you want that, look elsewhere.


 So stay tuned...and hold on to your penguins folks, it's gonna get weird! 


So...what's your opinion? E-mail your opinion to:








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(and just remember, this is my first time doing anything like this....and it probably shows. Thank goodness I can edit it as I go along!!)



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