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Submission Guidelines!

Submissions Guidelines for Comics Hawaii 



      Comics Hawaii is looking for new, original comic/manga stories for publication in Comics Hawaii's comic line, and the Hawaii Star Manga Project, our tryout book restarting in 2022. We welcome all comic creators, especially Hawaii's artists (and former Hawaii residents) to submit project proposals for consideration.

        To expedite the Submissions process, we request that all Creators PROPOSAL PACKAGES be formatted per our Submissions Guidelines for consideration! We are currently accepting proposals for  comic projects.  We will accept proposal packages for RPG's, boardgames and  illustrated  fiction starting in late 2022.


  • Do not send attachments with e-mails, they will be deleted unread. We do NOT accept electronic submissions due to our strict antivirus policies.

  • Your proposal package must have a signed, dated submissions form from each member of your creative team. Any proposals without this document will be discarded unread. 

  • Due to volume of submissions, we cannot return proposal packages, but will keep them on file for two years. Allow up to thirty business days to hear back from us. 

  • If submitting multiple proposals, please submit each separately.  If you have  previously been published, and you are submitting your previously published prior work for publication by Comics Hawaii according to the guidelines below, please include prior publication history, including book title, issue number, page #"s if in an anthology or as main feature/back up feature, publication date and proof of copyright, or copyright date and verification the project is not actively committed to another publisher.

  • Send clean, black and white photocopies only. Do NOT send originals.  Comics Hawaii assumes NO responsibility for original pages submitted, submissions will be kept on file for two years.

  • Label each page accordingly:





And please do NOT forget to number your pages.



Your proposal should be typed or typeset, and contain the following:

  • A completed submissions form on top of the proposal. If you are a minor (under the age of 18), a parent or legal guardian must also sign.

  • Include a resume, if applicable.

  • Include brief descriptions of the main characters. Be sure to include illustrations of the characters in various poses with different emotions/expressions.

  • A 1 – 3 page overview of the entire multi part story, beginning, middle, and end. Be brief and to the point. Please indicate how many issues you intend the story arc to run, and indicate the page count for each story segment.

  • 8 pages of sequential art, with script. We would like to see copies of your work in the pencil stage as well as the finalized art, for a total of 16 pages. The final size should be Standard American Comic format (6 5/8" by 10 1/4" with a live art area of 6” x 9”) per the formatting info below, with a 1/8" bleed, but no two page spreads. 

  • If you have been published previously, you may submit prior work as outlined above as long as it is the project you are submitting. We will require proof of copyright and verification that the project submitted is not committed or under contract to another publisher.

We expect professional work, with clean lines, detailed backgrounds and foregrounds, interior and exterior views. There should be action scenes, quiet scenes, a variety of character motions and expressions, vehicles, and everyday objects (glasses, newspapers, etc.) at rest and in use. 

Please click on & copy the submissions form below (required for any proposal packet submitted to Comics Hawaii/HSMP for consideration).

Completed submission packets may be mailed to: 


1511 NUUANU AVE #2   HONOLULU HI 96817

Questions? Check out our FAQ!

More questions? E-mail ComicsHawaii@hotmail.com.

Good luck!


Aloha & Thank you for visiting our site! Please pass our url on to other interested artists!