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What is Comics Hawaii Lineup? 

         Comics Hawaii's comic line, consisting of Hylanthean: Light of the Hearld, by C K Tanaka of Green Tea Works; The Mystery of the Black Water by Rejena Smiley, of Rejena Smiley Comics and Art; Code 3 by L K Grant and Terry Furukawa of Kokoro Grafix; Mysterious Things by Napua Ahina, Justin Ayers et al and Homeroom X13 by William Doc Grant of Comics Hawaii. They will be available as webcomics, ebooks, and print on demand comics.

What is the Hawaii Star Manga Project?

HSMP is our new Creator tryout book, an innovative B&W "flexible format" manga/comic book/illustrated fiction magazine. We're soliciting Proposal Packages from interested Creators with professional attitudes and good teamwork that want their work in our publication. HSMP is relaunching in 2022 with an Online Edition to be available various webcomic, comic download and selected print-on-demand sites. Copies will also be available in our on site store.

How & what do I submit? (New Series Submissions) 

We do NOT have "house characters" and do not do "work for hire", Lime Media Hawaii uses Creator owned properties. Creator's retain  their Copyrights, PERIOD. (see also below) 

General Manga/Comic Submissions:You'll be submitting a PROPOSAL for a story (or story arc). Your proposal is meant to give us an overview of your complete story arc and main characters, plus SAMPLES of artwork: (8 pages of story in BASE PENCILS stage (for a four page version of what we're looking for click here) and the the SAME 8 pages in their finished, camera ready form) so we can see what your art is like. See the Submissions Guidelines for more info. Submissions are mailed to: Comics Hawaii attn Submissions, 1511 Nuuanu Av #2   Honolulu Hi 96817. Please Note: We do NOT accept emailed submissions proposals or attachments for same due to our strict antivirus issues. Any attachments to emails are deleted unread. Please send ONLY Black & White photocopies, DO NOT SEND ORIGINALS!!  Proposal Packets are kept on file for two years.

Illustrated Fiction Submissions:: We will begin accepting these in late 2022.

You'll be submitting a PROPOSAL for a story (or story arc). Your proposal is meant to give us an overview of your complete story arc and main characters, plus SAMPLES of artwork so we can see what your illustrations will be like. Try to keep to no more than 2 illustrations per page.See the Submissions Guidelines for more info. Submissions are mailed to: Comics Hawaii  HSMP Submissions  1511 Nuuanu Av #2 Honolulu HI 96817

     Please Note: We do NOT accept emailed submissions proposals, gallery links or attachments due to strict antivirus issues. Any attachments to emails are deleted unread. Please send ONLY Black & White photocopies, DO NOT SEND ORIGINALS!!

What if I only want to do a SPECIFIC job, Like Penciller, Inker, etc?

Currently, Creators handle all of their own art and story production. We do not currently have openings for these positions, editors or letterers at this time.

What about Fan Art? 

Fan Art is handled a bit differently. We are only able to accept Fan Art featuring characters from the Comics Hawaii/HSMP Lineup. You will be credited for the work, but for Fan Art only, all Fan Art of this type will become property of Comics Hawaii. In addition, art featuring Comics Hawaii characters may NOT be posed on another website without seeking permission from the series Creator(s) or copyright holders first.  

Is there a deadline?

Lime Media Hawaii is always accepting submissions.

Deadlines and Contracts

We review the Submission Proposal materials and select Creators for contact within 30 days.

If we contact you and negotiate a contract, you're committed to your Deadlines. We will then assign you your production schedule that must be met. Our Deadlines leave NO room for error, Your project is in a dedicated slot in Comics Hawaii's production schedule. You must also make yourself and your works available for promotional and trade show appearances (IE interviews, public appearances, helping out at con tables, distributing flyers and responsible social networking to help promote the book.)

 What Are the Content Restrictions For Comics Hawaii?

Comics Hawaii products will be offered in many different sites & retailers, and we must be considerate of the more sensitive Readers. We accept materials generally in the G to PG13 range. We label books with more intense content with warning labels advising of content for 14+ 16+ or 18+  content. We will not accept materials that contain extreme profanity or depict graphic violence, nudity, sexual situations or sexual violence. We may allow  some graphic content, but we reserve the right to edit intense scenes. In general, you may imply but not show an actual incidents of this type. We respect Creators creativity and demands of story, and we feel these guidelines are the best compromise for Creators and our Readers. 

Comics Hawaii reserves the right to refuse or request changes to a Creator's materials if the editorial staff determines it contains questionable content.

What is the Submissions Form?

It is a document to protect us from claims of plagiarism. We hold EVERY Submission with ABSOLUTE confidentiality, and will NEVER discuss them with others outside of the company. If you have more than just yourself working on your proposal, like a friend who was your inker or penciller say, THEY ALSO MUST FILL OUT A FORM & SIGN IT

Do I have to give up my Copyrights? 

Absolutely not! CREATORS RETAIN THEIR COPYRIGHTS, Period. We use CREATOR OWNED works, We are NOT doing "WORK FOR HIRE"!! You (and your production team, if any) OWN your own stuff. We just publish it. We require proof of copyright (or proof of international copyright license) to protect your rights and ours. You license us certain rights with your contract, and only for your contracts duration, like reprint rights; posting art on Comics Hawaii's website and other sales sites, providing art for  website promotions or promotions flyers; making promo items like t-shirts or posters etc. For anything else, we need your permission, because you own it, not us.

What is the Page Rate?
This is discussed during contract negotiations. We are a small press publisher, so rates are low to start. We are NOT buying the copyrights to your project, just licensing your project for publication and limited promo items. We use Creator owned and copyrighted projects period.
We are not buying projects or doing work for hire.