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 Please join us in welcoming our first of many Creators!

       The HAWAII STAR MANGA PROJECT is an innovative  Hawaii-based comic magazine, showcasing original stories by Hawaii's talented artists ! 

Hawaii Star Manga Project  proudly features many new & original Hawaii made series including:

The Hylantheana new revamped action-packed High Fantasy manga by    Green Tea Works; follow that battles of Geld and his companions as they fight the brutal regime of Lord Barclavius and supernatural horrors galore! Watch for Hylanthean: Light of the Herald, the new series coming soon!

Aumakua, Pua Kalaunu's superb & uniquely Hawaiian paranormal slice of life tale set in Hilo Hawaii as told by Kiiola Productions; Ancient legend and modern life collide as a troubled family finds their way with help of ancient Aumakua or family spirits... Pua Kalaunu has decided to retire from comics, but sends her aloha and best wishes to her fans and supporters!

River of Stars: Another RealmThe Enemy's Homeworld is finally discovered... and their horrifying new Weapon has the Solar Guard's SGHS Magellan is right in their crosshairs! Hard hitting deep space sci-fi war fiction from L. K. Grant

Code 3, The UN's Paranomal Response Unit 050 Metro Honolulu get a LOT more than they bargained for in this new Sci-fi/Police action series presented by Kokoro Grafix; multiple Powers Out Of Control... superheroes down, handle Code 

The Mystery of the Black Water  (Waikiki Pages is under construction) Our new series with action, adventure, monsters and more from the talented hands of Rejena Smiley of Detroit MI!

High Fantasy Action and Adventure from Green Tea Works

        River of Stars

Illustrated Science Fiction from L. K. Grant

       Code 3

Sci-Fi Paranormal Police Action from Kokoro Grafix


Modern Day Hawaiian Legend from Kiiola Productions


The strange life of a Mangaka from the Omake Factory!


    Tobias Wah Chronicles              Coming soon!

       Hard hitting Supernatural Action form Studio Dobutsu 

 (c)2008 Kokoro Grafix All Rights Reserved.


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